Ballpark Collective Presents The Square On 21st

The First Ballpark Collective Block Party

A new pop-up style park has opened for the summer called The Square On 21st.  SocialLight Colorado joined our friends from SoundDown Silent Disco and Ballpark Collective to throw one heck of an opening weekend!  SoundDown supplied the headphones and fun while Who Is Chris Lewis?, Rob Meagher and Theo Charles supplied the vibe.  Ballpark Collective’s mission is to better the ballpark neighborhood with The Square on 21st a driving force.  The park, which will remain open for the next few months, includes food and beverage vendors, lawn games, an off leash dog park, and a performance area.  There will be about 10 silent discos throughout the summer and based off of the 1,000+ attendees at the first one, we know it will be a hit.  SocialLight will be providing a free photo booth for all guests and an our Boomerang Booth for some fun social media uploads!

The Community Comes Together

The very first silent disco off of the year went off without a hitch.  We had a blast taking pictures using one of the painted mural as a backdrop.  We took almost 500 pictures and everyone had a blast!  Also, Great Divide Brewing Company and Mile High Spirits took care of the refreshments while the DJ’s gave everyone something to dance to.

SoundDown Is Creating The Standard

This event meant a little bit more to us as well.  We’ve been friends with Peter and Carlos of SoundDown Silent Disco for a few years now.  We were getting our start in Denver as they were coming into the scene around the same time.  It’s really exciting when you keep that friendship and connection while watching your friends’ business continue to grow and do bigger things.  These guys really set a new precedent for silent discos.  Being a part of a new concept is awesome.  Getting to work with some of your friends at the same time is even better!

In less than two weeks, the second silent disco will be held and we could not be more excited!  Ballpark Collective, SoundDown Silent Disco, SocialLight Colorado, Who Is Chris Lewis?, DJ Trizz and Rob Meagher welcome all to join us for what is going to be another hell of a party!

The Square On 21stBallpark Collective At The Square On 21st 2SocialLight Colorado The Square On 21st St 1SocialLight Colorado The Square On 21st St 2